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Marco Gaiarin (
30 Apr 1999 12:37:20 GMT

Mandi! Eugene Crosser
In chel di' si favelave...

EC> There is a reverse mapping of the aliases file, it does exactly what
EC> you want (except that it sets internet Reply-To: leaving From: in
EC> the Fidonet form).

But aliases set only user part, domin part are taken from the local
domain name. So

stefano.trevisan: Stefano.Trevisan@p21.f104.n393.z1907.scoutnet.ftn

got an email address like:

that is not what i want...

[if i've understood correctly ;)]

  Le parti si impegnano [...] ad astenersi nelle relazioni internazionali
  dalla minaccia o dall'uso della forza in ogni modo in contrasto con
  gli scopi delle Nazioni Unite.		(art.1 Trattato NATO)