Re: Questions...

Eugene Crosser (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 22:39:14 +0400 (MSD)

On 29-сав-99 at 21:34, Marco Gaiarin ( wrote:

> Now a proposal. In most fidotech network there's a GIGO gateway that
> assign email address to point, eg:
> Stefano Trevisan, 1907:393/104.21 ->
> Because i'm runnning a linux/ifmail bbs dialup connected to the
> Internet, it is better for Stefano to use me as a Gateway system,
> instead of the official one (that can be some hops far from me).
> But if Stefano use me as a gateway, message go out with From like:
> From: Stefano.Trevisan@p21.f104.n393.z1907.scoutnet.ftn
> clearly a fake/invalid address.
> There's a way, like a database, to put address in and take automatic
> translation?!

There is a reverse mapping of the aliases file, it does exactly what
you want (except that it sets internet Reply-To: leaving From: in
the Fidonet form).