HELP!!! ifindex segfaults

Alex Makarov (
Mon, 26 Apr 99 21:51:34 +0300

re, noble!

At 25 Apr 99 21:26:26, Benoit Panizzon wrote to Alex Makarov:

BP> From: Benoit Panizzon <>
BP> To:

BP> Hi, I have to ask again....

BP> I use SuSE 6.0 and ifindex just keeps segfaulting if the nodeliste has
BP> more than 3 entries....

BP> Has anybody an idea where the error could be?
BP> corrupted shared libs?

BP> I read of other people having this problem...

Don't know what about SuSe, but with Slackware 3.6 I had the same trouble. I've
upgraded libgdbm and that really seems to be the key to this problem.

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