Problems with ifindex

Benoit Panizzon (
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 18:33:13 +0200 (MEST)

Hi there...

It's for weeks that I try to get ifmail working....
Now I just get segfaults, if the nodelist has more than 3 entryes...

start ifindex ver 2.14-tx8.10 of Mon Nov 30 13:29:28 1998, verbose
Initialize 1 nodelists
try "/var/spool/fido/nodelist/scn_node.239" nodelist
opened nodelist "/var/spool/fido/nodelist/scn_node.239"
nodelist: 0: scoutnet 08054908
Trying open existing "/var/spool/fido/nodelist/index"
Nodelist index rebuild requested
making index for "/var/spool/fido/nodelist/scn_node[.???]"
caught SIGSEGV at offset 0x0804a256
called from 0xbffff880
called from 0x75480033

Any hint?

Benoit Panizzon / Woody
ScoutNet Schweiz