ifmail won't send packets

Phillip Morgan (
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 09:33:16 +1100

Hello All,

I am running ifmail 2.14 in conjunction with fidogate 4.3a5.

When downlinks call ifmail won't send the mail that has been packed for
them. According to the fidogate logs mail bundles have definately been
prepared but nothing gets sent.

The owner of all files for all directories for both ifmail and fidogate
is root. Typically permissions are 644 (except for programs which are
typically 755).

I now have 13 megs of mail sitting in /var/spool/bt/out for user to
collect. When the dial in ifmail says that nothing was sent.

(1). What could be wrong?
(2). Looking at the packet, .flo and .hlo files in /var/spool/bt/out,
how can I tell
who a bundle is for?

I've noticed also in the .hlo and .flo files there are a couple of
characters used for different bundle types.

Eg ^ and #.

Is ^ used for file attaches, and # for mail bundles?

Finally, one node who is presenting 3 addresses causes ifmail to attempt
to create directories for those addresses. Eg, his address might be
19:123/1234@vetlink. If mail will then try to create
/var/spool/bt/out/vetlink.013 every time this node calls.

Yet, other nodes, one of which has more than a dozen AKAs, do not result
in ifmail trying to create multiple directories.

Any ideas?



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