Re: ifmail dependancies in RedHat 5.2

Pablo Saratxaga (
7 Mar 1999 21:24:34 +0100

on 6 Mar 1999 15:41:20 +0100,
Mark Goldfinch <> said:

MG> Ok I grabbed the rpm of ifmail, but I can't find anywhere to satisfy 2
MG> of the depencies listed by ifmail upon installation.

You can also take the sources or the src.rpm are rebuild, then it will use
the libs you have installed.

MG> Namely sendmail and libg++, the versions available from redhat are too
MG> low.

If it is the rpm I built (more probably), the C++ librairy is only needed
by a little utility to extract zone/regions out of a full nodelist; if
you don't plan to use that you can safely tell rpm to bypass dependencies
checking (--nodeps).
As for sendmail, I really suggest you to update to 8.9.*, they have several
nice improvements over 8.8.* and are, imho, easier to configure.

That being said, you don't need that version nor even sendmail (smail or
other MTA should be ok too); simply the file I put in the rpm
allows for a configuration of a sendmail 8.9.*; there is no problem
using other one, but then you would need to adapt the file or configure
completly yopurself (if you don't use sendmail).
There are exemples given in the ifmail package; I put them on

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