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Marco Gaiarin (
5 Mar 1999 13:07:09 GMT

Mandi! Eugene Crosser
In chel di' si favelave...

EC> ifmail does not route at all. It just makes packet to the node that
EC> you specify in the `-r' option.

Ok, this is true, but do a crash to a point is not ``right'', i think.
But can be implemented as external route, ok! ;-)

EC> ...req file. Responce packet is always sent in the same session, so
EC> we can take address from the session handshake. Probably, the first


>> In both end the fido aka are the first, so the ``default'' AKA.
EC> Apparently 91:13/1 is the primary address on the remote side.

No, in both end 2:333/1016.2 and 2:333/1016 are the first ``address''
statement in config file, respectively.

[I'm calling my BBS for testing purpose, using telephone line but point
and BBS are 2 PC one on top of other, connected via ethernet; only
after the call, i realized that i can use ifcico/TCP ;-)]

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