Marco Gaiarin (
3 Jan 1999 13:42:07 GMT

Mandi! James Vahn
In chel di' si favelave...

JV> This message is in regards to the areafix portion of the ifmail package
JV> and is just a note to say that now has a %RESCAN function.

Hem... we (i and Claudio Piciarelli) have tryed to contact you (both
via email and matrix) but we have received no answer... ;(((

Claudio have built a %RESCAN patch for AreaFix that support multiple
areas rescan %DAYS and %MSGS directives, via an external site.rescan
file included in processing by send-ifmail.

You can find it on:


I've not announced here because the patch came from a larger project (a
BBS only based on OpenSource software and tools), now only in Italian
and that will be moved to a better location that my personal pages.

Patch are against 0.5.07-jv10, but there's also a full just-patched

JV> Trouble reports are appreciated, thank you.

Excuse me but i've received no answer... ;(((

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