Steve Proctor (
Sat, 2 Jan 1999 17:25:17 -0800

Can someone please tell me how to get off this mailing list?

Thank you.

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This message is in regards to the areafix portion of the ifmail package
and is just a note to say that now has a %RESCAN function.
Currently this new function only rescans a single echo and the entire
spool for that echo. It relies on the downlinks ability to process
dupes and old messages. -v returns a version level of 0.6.00 at the time of this
writing. To retrieve this drop-in upgrade, send a message

Subject: areafix

and it will be sent MIME'd via return mail. Update your .../areafix/help
file to read:
8) %RESCAN - cause a re-feed of an echo, starting at the first message.
Useful when subscribing to an echo for the first time.

Trouble reports are appreciated, thank you.