Re: Zmodem send error when calling from Remote system with "Semper" as mailer

Pablo Saratxaga (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 14:59:56 +0100

on 12 Jan 1998 23:58:45 +0100, you said:

JS> there is another serious problem i´ve to solve. All inbound calls from a
JS> remote mailer called "Semper" (a mailer for Atari ST computers) will
JS> hang in the ZedZap send phase.

I see... Try compiling whith -DBELEIVE_ZFIN=1 (and read what it is said
about in the CONFIG file)

Note that that while that works very well whith Termail and others
the semper mailer maybe will still cause problems.
Several time ago a french user told me that when he called a semper mailer
either he compiles whith -DBELEIVE_ZFIN=1 and files were exchanged, but
he remained online a supplementary 2 minutes (whithout anything transferring)
or he compiled whith -DBELEIVE_ZFIN=2 (that is the same as not defining
the macro at all) in which case no files were received at all :-\

But as you don't call the semper mailer but are called by it, then it is
its problem to cope whith any "modem not hanging" problem, you don't
pay the bill :-)

So I recommend you to compile whith -DBELEIVE_ZFIN=1


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