Re: Zmodem send error when calling from Remote system with "Semper" as mailer

Eugene Crosser (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 01:57:24 +0300 (MSK)

> there is another serious problem ive to solve. All inbound calls from a
> remote mailer called "Semper" (a mailer for Atari ST computers) will
> hang in the ZedZap send phase.

You could run ifcico with `-xjnors' and try to analyze the debug log.

> Jan 11 02:30:29 daolin ifcico.modem[29634]: send_str error
> Jan 11 02:30:29 daolin ifcico.modem[29634]: ^Ierrno=5 : I/O error

This one is covered in the FAQ.

> Jan 11 02:30:30 daolin ifcico.modem[29634]: chat cannot find appropriate
> send string

This probably means that you did not specify ModemReset (or Modem<something>).

> Im running ifcico [FE] version on a Pentium P90 with

There is no such version. The most recent version is 2.13, see