The TIC manager saga...

Marco Gaiarin (
18 Sep 1997 19:27:46 GMT

This is not properly related to ifmail, but i think i'm not so OT...

I've tryed the tic manager that came with ifmail (lt0.1) but require
perl4, so i've downloaded utic0909.tgz but... require perl4!

Boh, i've searched in old floppy, cd, tapes, punched cards... oh! i've
found an old (source, binary was all in aout) package of perl4, so i've
compiled and installed.

But u-tic don't work aganin! It complain about a couple of *.ph files,
files that i've generated with the h2ph script, but need manual hacking
on... and i don't know perl!

Now i've installed lt0.1 that funcion well, but:

1) there's a place where i can get the correct .ph file needed for
u-tic? or

2) someone have ported u-tic to perl5? or possibly

3) there's again another TIC processor?! ;)


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