Re: ifmail wont export

Pablo Saratxaga (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 04:16:42 +0200 (MET DST)


> I've managed to make ifmail receive fido packets and toss them into
> newsgroups, but if i wrote a news on some of these groups it wont export
> them... any ideas?

What news server do you use ? INN I presume...
Have you installed the "send-ifmail" script (it is in misc/inn/ and has to
be copyied where other send-* scripts are, likely /usr/lib/news/, and made
executable and owned by

The send-ifmail script in the official version of ifmail need that you
pass the site name as parameter for names other than "f###.n###".
That is if you have :


then "send-ifmail" will work, but if you have :


which is needed for othernets entries then you must use
"send-ifmail f123.n45.z67.somenet.ftn" instead of jsut "send-ifmail"

maybe that is the reason... call send-ifmail for each FTN feed whith the
feed name as parameter, that will allways work whatever the version of
send-ifmail script you use.

send-ifmail is run as user news (from the news crontab for exemple) and
sends new articles to ifnews. ifnews must be executable by user news, and
it must be suid fnet (in order to write to the fido outbound).
so make ifnews owned by fnet.uucp and permissions rws--x--- and edit
/etc/group to make "news" a memeber of group uucp if that isn't already
the case :


Last but not least, check that you also run, as user fnet now, the ifpack
program, that makes the real and final arcmail from the pkt from ifnews.


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