auto-toss and forwarding files

Victor Perez Muena ()
Fri, 08 Aug 97 15:03:21 GMT-5000

Hi all:

First of all, thanks for your previous response. I have ifmail running
right now and can transfer netmail. I didn't test echomail yet, but i think
it should work also. Now i have two questions:

When i send a packet from my frontdoor machine to the ifcico one, the
files are placed on the /var/spool/ifmail/inb directory. If i run ifunpack,
the packets are processed and placed on the outgoing directory. Now i wonder
how to run ifunpack automati
cally when ifcico gets something on the inbound

The second question is about file attach forwarding, i've sent a attach
to my friend on 40:2000/1, the netmail is sent to the linux box (40:3000/99).
I run ifunpack and it processed the packet, the netmail is now waiting for a
poll from 40:2000/1, but
the attached file is still on the inbound dir. I
think the attached file will not reach it destination. How can i make ifmail
to forward file attaches?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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