routing packets with ifcico

Victor Perez Muena (MSD)
Thu, 07 Aug 97 12:37:45 GMT-5000

Hi there:

I want to do the following link:

40:3000/1 phone 40:3000/99 tcp/ip 40:2000/1
MSDOS <----------> Linux <----------> OS/2
Frontdoor line Ifcico Maindoor

The first machine is my BBS, the second one is a linux machine with a
dedicated line to internet where i've installed ifmail.

The idea is to make the linux machine to act as a kind of gateway between
the two links, i mean, a packet to the node 40:2000/1 is sent to the linux
box (adding a entry on the route.fd file), where it stays on hold waiting for
a poll from the destinat
ion node.

I've setup ifcico and i've sent some mail to it addressed to 40:2000/1,
but when my friend polls, he receives nothing. He has sent me mail also, i
can see it on the /var/spool/ifmail/inbound dir and it's addressed to my node
(40:3000/1), but when i po
ll i receive nothing.

What i have to do in order to enable this routing stuff?, there are some
kind of file like route.fd?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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