Re: ifcico, glibc 2, FrontDoor

Eugene Crosser (
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 01:27:50 +0400 (MSD)

> When I upgraded from Linux libc 5.* to GNU libc 2.0.4 I had to face the
> following problem: When I originate the call, EMSI session doesn't
> begin. All I get is the remote system loading BBS software.
> I've noticed someone else on this mailing list with the same problem.
> Solution given to him by Eugene (SM_START(skipjunk):SM_START(waitchar))
> works. But the strangest part of all is: ifcico 2.9 linked against libc 5
> works, linked against glibc 2 (aka libc 6) doesn't. Neither does ifcico
> 2.11.

Testing ifmail with glibc2 is on my todo list. Need to free some disk
space to install glibc...