Re: ifcico on linux/axp

Eugene Crosser (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 17:37:53 +0400 (MSD)

> txemsi got: "EMSI_ACKA490"
> statemachine txemsi exit success (1)

> rxemsi got: "EMSI_ACKA490"
> statemachine rxemsi entering checkpkt (4)
> rxemsi ignores packet "EMSI_ACKA490"
> statemachine rxemsi entering waitpkt (0)
> statemachine rxemsi entering waitchar (1)
> getc return '\r'
> statemachine rxemsi entering waitchar (1)
> got SIGHUP

Looks like the remote side does something very very stupid. It accepts
our EMSI_DAT, ACK's it and then hangs up. Ask the remote operator what
is in her log? Maybe they think that your EMSI password mismatches or
something... What is the remote software?

Also, I suggest you not send big debug logs to the mailing list, rather
send them to a person who suggested help (me in this case ;)