Re: ifcico fault with errno 5

Greg F Frydenlund ()
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 17:33:51 PST

On Mon, 21 Jul 1997 14:36:11 +0200 Wolfgang Grueneberg
<> writes:
>With the suggestions from this mailing list I could built binarys that
>run. But ifcico doesn't run without errors. The debug file follows:

>zmodem receive rc=-1
>end txwazoo transfer
>try unlocking node 49:305/2
>unlinking lock file
>setting port "/dev/cua1" local
>hanging up
>send_str "ATZ\r"
>send_str error
> errno=5 : I/O error
>closing port "/dev/cua1"
>tcsetattr(0,TCSAFLUSH,save) return -1
> errno=5 : I/O error
>call to 49:305/2@DSN failed (rc=11)
>0 of 1 calls, maxrc=11
>The file 0000fd45.SA1 was transfered complety. Why does ifcico report
>an I/O error?

errno=5 is a standard I/O err that most people gets with ifcico. It has
to do with the way ifcico resets the modem and is nothing to worry
over, but there was another error that occurred before that with zmodem.
looks as though it returned a -1 which is not good. It looks as though
the other
node may have drop carrier on you.

Putting all that aside, your running an older ver 2.8e. Do yourself a
favor and get the latest release 2.11 and then try it again....
and at the usual sunsite mirror sites