Re: /etc/passwd file

Greg F Frydenlund (MSD)
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 16:10:34 PST

On Sun, 20 Jul 97 14:19:38 -0800 John Mudge writes:
Hi John

>In an echomail message Pablo once wrote:
>> You also need to create the fnet user (the easier will be to add
>>this line to your /etc/passwd file :
>> fnet:*:2200:14:fnet:/usr/lib/ifmail:
>Is this correct manner in which to set up this user? Should there be
>a shell defined per Marco's post? Should there be a password defined?

Correct as a "term" is undefinable when your dealing with a unix system,
I think it's what works best for your system. You should evaluate the
of your own system and use Pablo's suggestion as an example not a rule.

You could be openning a possible security hole if you included a shell, a
could arbitrarily gain access as fnet and run ifpoll to call a node in South Africa,
now you would want that to happen, but if you didn't have any users then
what's wrong with having a shell and logging in as user fnet occasionally

to run ifpoll or for that matter any of ifmail's executables.

For the most part systems running 24/7 on the net would probably not want
shell, where as a store and forward system with trusted users could have
shell. I'm sure there are as many possibilities and other examples one could
come up with that would satisfy either case.

So, I guess the best thing to do is what works best for your own system.