Re: ifmail ambiguities

Marco d'Itri (
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 18:57:47 +0200

On Jul 19, private <> wrote:

>line to add to /etc/passwd. And my friend, John Mudge, tells me 'fido'
>is a user that Binkley (the linux version) expects to find when polling a
>linux FIDO front end. Surely one does not need a separate user name for
>each/every linux based FIDO mailer that has been developed?
If you use ifmail you don't need binkley. Ifmail itself does not care if
it runs as the user "ifmail" or "fnet", I use the former because it's
the default.

>And then there is the small matter of it appearing, at first glance, the
>'*' denies ANY login for 'fnet' as represented by the above string if
>included in the /etc/passwd file. What about the empty space following
>the final ':' in that string? Doesn't this imply that no login can
>succeed because no login binary or executable process has been defined?
You should put there a valid shell, sometimes it's useful to login as user
ifmail to run some program or to do a file request.