Building 2.11

Sean Rima (
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 23:01:31 +0100

I am in a shell account trying to build 2.11. However, I keep getting
the following error and I cannot find where the fault is in the make
file etc.

bash$ make
for d in iflib ifgate ifcico; do (cd $d && echo $d && make all) || exit; done;
gcc version.o ifmail.o rfcmsg.o message.o mkftnhdr.o ifdbm.o batchrd.o areas.o
msgflags.o msgidbm.o falists.o attach.o body.o ../iflib/utlib.a -o ifmail -lgdb
ld: -lgdbm: no match
*** Error code 1

I am trying to build it under FreeBSD 2.1.7


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