Re: *.tic

Yar Tikhiy (
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 19:44:02 +0400 (MSD)


> Hello, ifmail world. :) Is there anything better than filefix for *tic
> handling ? Filefix is not good. Really, I cannot trust perl program that
> does system("mv ...


It's a piece of my work called U-tic (stands for Unix TIC processor) :)

It's written in perl, too, but it does not bother system too often ;)
Unlike FileFix by Serge Oskin, it is not very user-friendly, but is
developed for a busy hub. The main it's feature is that it uses
hard links whenever it is possible. So fullfeed of fileechos
(including CHERLITE.* ;) for ftp access (kept for 25 days) and
some files waiting for pickup by lazy downlinks take only 250M of
disk space because each file has actually one instance. Try it ;)

SY, Yar

P.S. I'm running it on 2:5020/400 which is a hub feeding almost all
ex-USSR with echoes and fileechoes (I DO NOT mean that there are no
other hubs that do the same ;) and it keeps up very well.