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Mon, 14 Jul 1997 01:15:22 +0200 (MET DST)

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From: Stanislav Meduna <>
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Subject: ifmail - Czech and Slovak maptables
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 14:05:57 +0200 (MET DST)


I send you an information on charsets used in Czech and Slovak Republic
(FIDO region 42).

This region historically uses "Kamenicky" coding of local characters.
This coding was used here long before M$ 852 and 1250 codepages
existed and the idea behind this was that the text in Kamenicky
coding is well readable also on displays with only CP437 loaded.
The FIDO network in Czechia and Slovakia uses this (and only this)
coding for east european characters in message bodies. The
headers are always ASCII-only.

The (unofficial ?) codepage number is 895 and the CHRS kludge
used is "CP895 2".

The situation in the internet world is clear - ISO 8859-2 is
used, but most of the local newsgroups don't use national
characters at all.

I send you the (hopefully correct) mapping tables for

Kamenicky -> PC (cp895__cp437)
Kamenicky -> ISO L2 (cp895_iso-8859-2)
ISO L2 -> Kamenicky (iso-8859-2__cp895)

Please, include them into your product, if you find it
appropriate - it will help to popularize Linux in
our FIDO community.

Thank you

				Stano Meduna

begin 644 mapt895.tar.gz M'XL(`(N_R#,``^V7S8Y4.0R%>UU/88G-S`(I=NS\K%F-T&B0>`!44U.@%D-7 MJ;MGP=MS;%_4C4`P"+K9Q)NC5&Y.DGOC+Z[#>4Q[]>IPUMHO'BBXE*9*%T34 M6RIO[0@3)FK2>ZVU<T,OJ^D%E8=:T/WX[^9V?TUT`;DZ??6YX_7-8RSH<>,) M_;D_GR^OWM#M_N]_C_3Z^O2.GN_?':\N#V_?TV_/7N!\_$ZW)WKQC`ZG?X[G M_9OCCF50ZSNNA;@PE*$%6JD-B-)0B-&<D+8]U*EY<^`40";UNF-U!PQ1WA0. MMO/CX<^J$8M`&TW8:\?1@)-B+'H-8QFK,*:!,29X&+UF-.!L+>:Q3L.?'31@ M9!-#\&LK-#&R^:P8VB2-6TU'G%)F3-B,.A;56DS0>DS;!CJ]Z5[89B^;LD_Q MJS_H=\8A\__RYO1T#)M/Y0'F^%;^]Z)W^2]"_AE;6?G_&/'_\_^/EW]1'A'G M`$8$!<337B:)2>!`:@T<B'B."W0$%J3TX`*R),`@58(,4EN008H&&MBS'VP0 M3TO`060F'(;G/=)TMH`$SQJ4$">+8R+X`-)T#4Z(NF)]VH(7XND-8(C.`(;P M"&*(.2JP/L]@@Y^4(`@[?H`0=DR`(1)D@9_3PRDR>E!$Q`(C4GM@1+0&1L1* M8$14`B,2.,%^`R_8YTB"B(X@B$@2A*?LX(EVW8GOLZ&-?8EV*,:!:=@#?A\[ M\?V`1#_R_>\2WXL`?.N?=;#NQ3?R'UN2C_FOA4OD?U_W_Z/$%_/_7JHC\3^C M022^YR_ROF;:AW"*I-0433':$CZDIZ1+31=-%TT731=-%TT731=-%TT731=- M%TL72Q=+%TL72Q=+%TL72Q=+%TN7EB[(ZV:?I+57%%$<<&0UMI#508WJH&GD M=C#&JP.SR&WO]=2NGN(2E4ROI-X)*P=4M_RU;3SH49WTS:K/K(U&(:?:@)5B M_B%9AXR:HX;FX\."#CS:UH^JR?SWD<74@)W3>:)N\45,SM^G))TGJ./;G1J[ MGY8"-V?9=#<?G17@G"ZX!>`!(A5?FT+%ZS<I-07;K/Z4OS%O-Z_]<"6@Z3J\ M:I0RO=@"*.,2`+!AA8=9O.H2KBFP`K*!O4`L<(RVCX)7`QH9FS2&3B_90',T ML1[\P\"7AHI7IH!K@!O0Q99+`!??'`JWBM$2'P!W%YK.8[PQ13<..@I:P4$/ MP?NJ,,%)1PI`->I<J9:[];H7MQMN!IC[[V-SF3E)E+YH^^W&KO##";JCOA\. MI_[VUOQVPW>6N-U:W@;^=OTV\%?AY7##JS&.(E:B'D8_3C\2`:I1^_YJXJQ8 FL6+%BA4K5JQ8L6+%BA4K5JQ8L6+%BA4K5JQXR/@`7'4&>``H```` ` end

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