smail Netmail send problems

Randy Edwards (
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 16:45:57 -0400 (EDT)

I was wondering if someone familiar with smail could take a look at my
smail /etc/smail/routers, transports, and ftnpaths files.

I'm running a Debian release using smail. I don't do any sort of uucp and
my internet access is through a regular dial-up dynamic ISP account
( I'm node 1:325/805 and I want to route outgoing mail
through to node 1:325/802. I can receive netmail fine, echomail works, but
outgoing netmail messages are not processed.

I believe the problem is that I didn't import enough of the misc/smail
examples into my /etc/smail/transports and /etc/smail/routers. Could
someone have a look at see if they spot anything odd?

Here is my /etc/smail/transports:
local: driver=appendfile, from, local, inet, return_path, unix_from_hack;
append_as_user, check_user, file=/var/spool/mail/${lc:strip:user},
group=mail, mode=0660, notify_comsat, suffix="\n"

smtp: driver=tcpsmtp, max_addrs=100, -max_chars, inet;
use_bind, defer_no_connect, -local_mx_okay, defnames

uux: driver=pipe, uucp, from, max_addrs=5, max_chars=200;
cmd="/usr/bin/uux - -r $host!rmail $(($user)$)",
pipe_as_sender, log_output

pipe: driver=pipe, from, local, inet, return_path, unix_from_hack;
cmd="/bin/sh -c $user", -ignore_status, -ignore_write_errors,
log_output, parent_env, pipe_as_user, umask=0077

file: driver=appendfile, from, local, return_path, unix_from_hack;
append_as_user, file=$user, expand_user,
mode=0660, suffix="\n"

ifmail: from,received,max_addrs=5,max_chars=200,
cmd="/usr/local/lib/ifmail/ifmail -r$host $((${strip:user})$)"

This is my /etc/smail/routers:

driver=gethostbyaddr, transport=smtp;
check_for_local, fail_if_error

driver=bind, transport=smtp;
defer_no_connect, -local_mx_okay, defnames,

driver=smarthost, transport=smtp;

And finally, this is my /etc/smail/ftnpaths file:!%s!%s!%s

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