Re: ifmail unpack problem

Frank Wagner (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 20:09:20 +0200 (CEST)

In article <>
you wrote:

> iftoss[1656]: Expipe: /usr/lib/news/rnews
> ifunpack[1650]: Error tossing packet 3c19fe61.pkt
> ifunpack[1650]: processed 1 of 1 files, 1 of 3 packets, rc=13
> iftoss[1657]: Exec "/usr/lib/news/rnews" returned -1
> iftoss[1657]: ^Ierrno=13 : Permission denied

> Now, my /usr/lib/news/rnews is a directory containing c7unbatch, decode,
> and encode, all owned by news:news. Is this correct? If not, what should
> be in there? If so, does anyone have any idea what might be causing the
> above error?

When /usr/lib/news/rnews shoudn't be just a directory. There
should be a binary called rnews with the permissions:
-r-sr-x--- 1 news uucp 19108 Apr 3 00:44 /usr/news/bin/rnews
rnews is used to process news batches and to feed articels to


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