Re: Problem with crosspost...

Marco Gaiarin (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 15:05:28 +0200 (CEST)

Mandi! Pablo Saratxaga

PS> * use different Areas files for different feeds (feature included in

Seems good... Thanks!

PS> Areas file, yes you need also a complete one, for iftoss !

this is simple, suffices an:

cat /etc/ifmail/Areas.* > /etc/ifmail/Areas

in the polling script for automatic update... ;)

PS> * Use the "@" feature of INN 1.5.1, like this :
PS> f1.n13.z91.pnet.ftn/f1.n13\ :pnet.*,@fido.ita.*,...
PS> The "@" is a "stronger" version of "!"; that is a mlessage crossposted
PS> to a group which an "@" applies isn't passed to the feed, even if it
PS> is also posted to a group the feed receives (so the behaviour is
PS> different than "!") The drawback is that the feed won't receive any
PS> message posted to the "@-ed" groups.

I think this don't function. In this manner ifmail build an echo for
UNIX.ITA with aka 2:333/1016.2 (correct), and an echo for P_UNIX with
again aka 2:333/1016.2, tossed in badmail by the BBS.


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