Problem with crosspost...

Marco Gaiarin (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 13:14:20 +0200 (CEST)

I and my sysop have noticed some strange things...

I've 2 AKAs, 2:333/ and 91:13/1.4@pnet.ftn.

If i crosspost to (for example)

fido.ita.unix (FidoNet italian ECHO)
pnet.unix (PNet ECHO)

somethings, strange things appear.

in UNIX.ITA (eqivalent to my fido.ita.unix ng) apper the post 2 times,
one with aka 2:333/, and one with 91:13/1.4@pnet.ftn.

in P_UNIX (eqivalent to my pnet.unix) appear again 2 post, with the
2 akas.

Clearly only one post get really in ECHO, because the other go in
BADMAIL (because of wrong AKA).

So pratically all function correctly, but i generate 2 badmail message
for every inter-net crosspost.

So, this is a bug or a features?! O;)

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