Re: Routing

Brian D. McCullough (
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 10:58:55 -0600 (MDT)

On Sat, 14 Jun 1997, Chris Molnar wrote:

> Brian, I am using sendmail. It seems to be the cleanest method, I would
> happily (this is close to groveling) follow any suggestions.

A few questions as we continue:

Do you have something that could be considered an Internet connection? (
ppp, uucp, direct connect? ) That is, are you transferring mail with the
Internet via SMTP or UUCP?

Do you have multiple domains "below" you? That is: are you a Fido "hub"
with multiple nodes routing Internet mail through you?; are you a single
node that others are using for routing?; are you a member of
multiple different Fido-style networks, all of whom are routing through

My environment might be considered "all of the above". I have SMTP and
UUCP connections, as well as two different Fido domains. I have addresses
which are part of one of the Fido domains picking up mail via UUCP.

And then there's news. But that isn't relevant!

Once you get us an idea of what you are dealing with, I'm sure that more
than one of us can help. My first recommendation is to look at the ".mc"
files that you can find in the ifmail/misc/sendmail source directory and
see if any of them can help. Unfortunately, I have not had any success
recently without hand-editing the resulting ".cf" file.

> thanks again!

Glad to help, if I can.


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