What the ....

Greg F Frydenlund ()
Sat, 31 May 1997 06:11:30 PST

On Fri, 30 May 1997 19:07:28 +0300 "Exile" <exile@trenet.ee> writes:
>Hi.. still the same problem..
>this is my entire /fido/spool/fnet/out dir...
>0000002e.fr0 01ea0014.flo 01ea0042.sts 01eb0010.flo
>0000002e.th0 01ea0014.opk/ 01eb0001.pnt/ 01eb0010.opk/

If you call ifcico without explicitly stating -r1 on the command line,
will not scan for out going packets. ifmail comes with a script called
that can used to poll other systems. The script can be started without
parameters and then it automaticlly calls the node listed in the script,
or you
can start it with the nodes address you want it to call (ifpoll
Of course one has to adjust the script to reflect their own systems