What the ....

Exile (exile@trenet.ee)
Fri, 30 May 1997 19:07:28 +0300

Hi.. still the same problem..

this is my entire /fido/spool/fnet/out dir...

0000002e.fr0 01ea0014.flo 01ea0042.sts 01eb0010.flo ffff0032.fr0
0000002e.th0 01ea0014.opk/ 01eb0001.pnt/ 01eb0010.opk/ ffff0032.th0

ok.. i have options NoHold in ifmails's config... still they are not

the owner for the files is uucp and ifcico is launched by uucp...

Still incomping mail is working fine...

What can i do ????