Re: Ehee... but still

Jim Balcom (
Wed, 28 May 1997 21:33:52 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 28 Jul 1996, Exile wrote:

>> I have the flo file too :)


>> here;s something from my mesages file
>> ==CUT HERE===
>> May 29 03:22:27 renegade ifcico[319]: WARNING: nodelist index needs to be
>> rebuilt with "ifindex"

This is an annoying thing that ifcico does. If any of the config files get
updated after the nodelist is compiled, it starts complaining. It's usually
no big deal - especially for testing. Once you are officially running you
will want to keep it updated to deal with the changed phone numbers.

>> May 29 03:22:27 renegade ifcico[319]: options: Call Hold PUA WaZOO EMSI
>> Freqs Zmodem ZedZap Janus Hydra Tcp
>> May 29 03:22:27 renegade ifcico[319]: calling 2:490/66@fidonet (Mail-only
>> system, phone 372-6-399059)
>> May 29 03:22:27 renegade ifcico[319]: established TCP connection with
>> May 29 03:22:28 renegade ifcico[319]: start outbound EMSI session
>> ===CUT HERE===
>> how to i compile the nodelist with ifindex ? and why is there a "Hold" in
>> the options ?

Find ifindex and put it in your nodelist directory. Mine is
'/var/spool/ifmail/nl.d' Once you have it there, just do a cd to there and
type 'ifindex'.

In /etc/ifmail you should have a config file. Look in there. It tells you
that it will hold all of the FLO files that end in ',HLO'. If you change
that HOLD to NOHOLD, then it will send them all on, even if there are on

FWIW, your log snippet above looks reasonably normal.

-= Jim =-