Newsfeeds File - Now ifnews? (fwd)

Chris Molnar (
Fri, 23 May 1997 13:50:09 -0400 (EDT)


Thanks for the newsfeed file, mistake #1, not using the !fido.* on the
system with my local echos. They where getting all the backbone stuff...
Mistake #2, not using the two versions of the site names (onewith zone,
one without on the first parm)....

Now, I checked the perms like you suggested and made a few modifications,
still no luck. So I picked a site that I know get a couple echos that I
wrote test messages in and ran all the commands manually from send-ifmail.

Works great, until the line:

time batcher \
-p"/usr/lib/ifmail/ifnews %s" \

Here is where NOTHING happens except the out.going directoy entries

So, I split the command and ran batcher with the -v option, like:
batcher -v f356.n141.z1 f356.n141.z1.uucp and found that it
does actually batch the news to standard output. It seems that it
vanishes as soon as ifnews takes it.

Is there ANY way to debug inews? The -X32 just gives me a listing of the
config file and not much else....

Thanks for you help!