Problem with zmodem

Christophe Boyanique (cb@Raceme.loc)
Thu, 22 May 1997 08:59:11 +0200 (MET DST)

I have some problem with ifmail and zmodem file transferts with one BBS
which use Semper 0.81alpha for Atari computers.

May 22 03:05:26 Raceme ifcico[3070]: start ZedZap send
May 22 03:05:28 Raceme ifcico[3070]: zmodem send rc=0
May 22 03:05:28 Raceme ifcico[3070]: start ZedZap receive
May 22 03:05:29 Raceme ifcico[3070]: zmodem receive: "03200001.th0" 5899
bytes dated May 21 09:56:20 mode 100600
May 22 03:05:31 Raceme ifcico[3070]: received 5899 bytes in 2 seconds
(2949 cps)May 22 03:07:04 Raceme ifcico[3070]: got SIGHUP
May 22 03:07:04 Raceme ifcico[3070]: zmodem receive rc=-1
May 22 03:07:08 Raceme ifcico[3070]: call to 90:800/1@nest failed (rc=11)
May 22 03:07:08 Raceme ifcico[3070]: 0 of 1 calls, maxrc=11

ifmail is compiler with BELEIVE_ZFIN=2. After received the last file;
ifmail waits until timeout; then hangs up.

If I use BELEIVE_ZFIN=1; then no file are received; but there is no
timeout error.

I can post debut output if somebody wants to look at it.