Re: Gateing Netmail

Pablo Saratxaga (
Tue, 20 May 1997 21:28:53 +0200 (MET DST)

Kaixo !

> My incoming netmail from fidoland is: Chris Molnar 1:141/635 this
> should translate to: which should
> pick up in the Alias file and change to: cmolnar as my Alias file has the
> following line:
> cmolnar:

Which alias file ? The one used by sendmail (/etc/aliases) ?
Or the one referenced by the sysalias keyword in the ifmail config file ?

> This is not happening. Sendmail is comming back with the message:
> Chris.Molnar invalid user. (or something like this).

But a far better method than using aliases is to tell sendmail to also
use the GECOS field (free name in /etc/passwd) for user matching.
For that just add OGTrue in the /etc/ file (and of course
ensure that user cmolnar has "Chris Molnar" as free name in /etc/passwd file)

Whith that option sendmail will correctly handle mail to:
"Chris Molnar"

It's not a bad idea to add to the list of local
aliases (Cw.... line in, or in the file), in case
yo ureceive mail to your fido adress by another way than ifmail.


A bientôt, Pablo Saratxaga

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