Re: Ready, set, go?

Eugene Crosser (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 15:43:27 +0400 (MSD)

> >There sits a 00000000.th0 file in .../fidonet. What magic to send it?
> >I run ifcico -r1, it apparently finds the .flo file and dials up the
> >host, but fails to send the packet. Echomail comes in just fine.
> ifcico will never send a pkt 00000000.th0. The pkt has to be addressed
> to your uplink/downlink. The first four numbers are generated by the net
> and the last four are the node. Your pkt is addressed to no-one...

First, if it was a packet, it would have been addressed to 0/0, which
is perfectly legal (although of little use). But, 00000000.th0 is not
a packet but an arcmail bundle. If should have been mentioned in some
.flo file with more realistic name.