ifmail 2.10 release

Eugene Crosser (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 01:29:33 +0400 (MSD)

I've put ifmail-2.10.tar.gz to the usual place:

It is *supposed* to be a stable release: most of known bugs are
hopefully fixed. Also, there are three functionality changes:

- Eric Young's lhash is used to keep the list of areas; this may
significantly lessen CPU load if you have a hughe Areas file.
- `approve' keyword to insert "Approved:" header when gatewaying
into specific newsgroups/hierarchies (undocumented, see the source).
- As the current ^aMSGID generation algorithm proved imperfect
(sometimes generates the same ^aMSGID for split messages) a brand
new scheme implemented. It will *not* be in effect now (to
avoid different MSGIDs on messages generated by `old' and `new'
ifmails on different gateway points). It will trigger on
Jul 27 10:40:00 GMT. It uses Eric Young's strhash instead of crc32.

I will also upload it to sunsite/tsx-11 these days.

MD5(ifmail-2.10.tar.gz)= f33731b51ece3556a59532d55ef16844