Re: Again compiling

Greg F Frydenlund ()
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 06:26:31 PST

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997 21:24:08 +0300 "Exile" <> writes:
>:( hi all again.. i ran into troubles again when compiling ifcico..
>=== CUT HERE ===
>In file included from nlindex.h:9,
> from nodelist.c:21:
>What may be the problem ?

Two things come to mind. first, do you have the ndbm.h file and second
it maybe missing some #define lines...

1. Look to make sure you have the /usr/include/ndbm.h file.

2. Look for these lines at the beginning of the source in the ndbm.h
If these lines are missing, then add them...
#ifndef _NDBM_H
#define _NDBM_H 1
and add this line to the very end of the file.

3. Recompile the source.

4. If that doesn't help, then edit these three files.

In nlindex.c comment out these lines using /* and */.
/*ifdef HAS_NDBM_H */
/* #include ndbm.h */
/* else */
then add this line after the /*else*/ line.
#ifndef HAS_NDBM_H

In nodebld.c comment out this line.
/* #include ndbm.h */

In nodelist.c comment out this line.
/* #include ndbm.h */

5. Recompile the source.

Let me know if that helps...