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joaquin grech (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 09:39:41 +0100

ok, i am going to explain the full thing...

i am creating an email gateway between 13 bbs. I don't need to move fido
messages thought the fidogate because we use a simple ftp. The only thing
the bbs want is that people can write to and ALL the
emails that arrives for that address is converted and packed for that bbs
and when the bbs log on (using ftp) it picks that package and leaves the
netmails that goes to internet for procesing and sending... (i don't need
uucp since i use simple ftp to pick and leave the packages)

Each bbs, has configured the door program so that when a user type a TO: from: it knows that that message
is for the gateway, so it package the message in always the same name file
(except date as in fido format) and upload it trough ftp on my system.
(they are not connected to internet, so they use a ISP once a day to do the
ftp) i explain this to show that it should be prety easy to config, since
i don't have to check for any users because the bbs does that job.

i think it should be easy, but i don't know why i am becoming crazy since 3
weeks, and i can't make it work :(

could you give me the config file for just 2 bbs?
ok, for example... let's say = 2:341/19 = 2:344/32

so all the messages that goes to * goes to that node, and
same for bbs-2 to 2:344/32... without checking if that users exists or not,
because the bbs does it.

please help me, i don't know how to do that silly configuration :((((

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