help with two things.

James Nunn-Price (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 19:29:58 +0000 (GMT)


I have been setting up ifmail and its associated programs and have
gotten 'stuck' with two things.

(1) I am completely baffled by the send mail .cf and .m4 files!

Is there anybody out there who can help me with the setting up with

Heres what i think is the relievent info:

my fido node address 2:252/347.0
I upload fido to 2:252/3000

I have two other networks: bbsnet and towernet:

my bbsnet node 405:102/7 uplinked to 405:102/1
my towernet node 85:500/1 uplinked to 85:200/1

I want to send all normal internet (non-local) e-mail to the
fidonet gateway at 2:25/25.

I am not connected to the internet, and have uucp installed.

Anything else?


(2) ifmail setup with Cnews

This is more aimed at people who know about C-news.

I have it importing mail with ifunpack fine. However when i post
something to these newsgroups locally, the message appears locally but
it is not being sent to the news outbound directory, thus ifnews/ifpack
can not create the outbound packets.

If people want to see my 'sys' and 'batchparams' etc I can e-mail them
direct rather than to this list.