Re: Fidonet Mail Processing

Roland Rosenfeld ()
24 Mar 1997 02:33:34 +0100

Chuck Robinson <> wrote:

> What I was looking for was a way to move my fidonet mail processing
> from the NT and OS/2 world to the LINUX world. From your
> explanation, it would seem that there is no way, with a true LINUX
> package to provide the same functionality (of inbound FTN packets
> being tossed to multiple downlinks as FTN packets) in the LINUX
> environment as I get in the OS/2 or NT environments.

You may have a look at FidoGate 4.1.6. This package includes a
gateway software similar to the one in ifmail, but there is also a
fidonet tosser like squish (but without local messagebase) in it.
FidoGate provides a small areafix (ftnaf), too.

You can run a fidonet node with this by running ifcico (from ifmail)
as the mailer and then you run ftntoss and ftnroute from FidoGate as
tosser and router for your FTN packets. If you read some of it
yourself, you have to configure a sysop point with e.g. the point
software FEddi, or you can set up a newsserver (e.g. INN) and a gate
(FidoGate of ifmail), which translates you own copy of the fido
packets (coming from the tosser) into RFC messages and vice versa.

> I serve as a major hub for Fidonet mail, and need the ability to
> send FTN packets downline, and to provide my downlinks the ability
> to automatically turn certain areas on and off for distribution.

That shouldn't be a problem with FidoGate's tosser. It was written,
because the author used squish before (on a DOS or OS/2 maschine via
network) but it had many problems with >1000 areas... So Martin wrote
his own tosser, which he used as a host in a FTN net for gating Usenet.

> I think your explanation indicates that this is not possible with
> the ifmail package.

I only know the mailer part of ifmail, so I cannot say anything about

> The ability to store the messages, for local consumption, as SQUISH,
> MSG, or UUNET format is not really an issue for me, I would feel
> comfortable in any of the environments.

So have a look at FidoGate: and

I hope, nobody hits me, because I talk about FidoGate in the ifmail
mailinglist, but IMHO ifcico and FidoGate is a great combination...



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