Re: ifmail on Solaris 2

Igor Sharfmesser (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 09:52:35 +0600 (TSK)


> > Have anybody expiriency with runnig ifmail 2.9 on Solaris (x86 and/or
> > SPARC)? I had succesfully setup it on my computer. But then troubles
> > come. If you pass NULL argument to ANY function from standard
> > C library, the process dumps core. ifmail has a lot such places.
> > I already fixed some, but may be you know other way?
> I know about problems when NULL is passed to *printf() for %s, and I
> took care of (hopefully) all such places. What else functions are
> vulnerable?

ALL string funcions is vulnerably. Really, printf() is not
vulnerable, the process core dumps at strlen() called by printf().

May be someone have experince using GNU C library with ifmail?