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Pablo Saratxaga (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 21:35:28 +0100 (MET)


> 1) a bbs log in into my system (they all have internet connections
> but the ips changes sometimes...) and put the fidonet - euronet packages on
> my system.

So you need a TCP/IP able fido mailer. ifcico does well. It handles
TCP mode (ifcico, and an OS/2 compatible one exist), and, applying little
patches, Telnet-Vmodem too.

> Then ifmail get that packages, translate which one is an email
> and go to the internet, and which one to news, and which one is a fidonet -
> euronet address so i don't have to do anything. Then it sends the emails
> and the news to internet.

No. ifmail (iftoss in fact here) translates to email/news format, then it
is the mail (sendmail) or news (INN) server which does the appropriate
routing, and eventually sends some email articles to ifmail/ifnews so they
translate back to FTN format.
The ifmail side is simple, the complexity is moved to sendmail/INN, which
have been created for that task.

> 2) email and news comes from internet to my system, then it checks which
> user is and which fidonet address it is too (or euronet address, it doesn't
> matter here) pack it to fido packages and reconize for which node of my
> network it is (so i guess i have to have a pointlist somewhere) so the next
> bbs that logs in just have to pick their packages and continue working :)

Do you have a real internet domain ? In that case is very easy, you can
have a sub-domain for euronet addresses. For exemple if you have, you can define,
If you are 24h/24 on the internet you should ask for an entry in the z2
fidonet DNS to receive fidonet mail for your local net.
PS: by "internet domain" I doesn't mean a set of IP adresses, evne a single
one is enough, but if you can add as many entries as you want in the DNS.

If you only can use a single internet address then it is harder, you have
to create a table of local usernames to euronet addresses for sendmail to

>I don't know if i can do all this with ifmail or i need more programs. If

You need also INN and sendmail. (or Smail, or Cnews, but most of the people
seems to use INNand sendmail)


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