joaquin grech (
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 16:39:57 +0000

hi there!!

I got this problem, after reading the docs, downloading ifmail (with
doesn't match with my fidopoint docs) and tryed thousands of things, i
decided to ask here...

I have a bbs network, called EuroNet, besides, in that network we download
fidonet packages too, and we are 13 nodes. Our fidonet address is
2:341/19, 2:343/25 (and more, until the 13 nodes) and the Euronet
25:928/100, 25:925/100, 25:922/100...

Ok, now, i want my users to have access to an email so i installed a
internet server under linux. The only thing i want, is...

1) a bbs log in into my system with ftp (they all have internet
connections but the ips changes sometimes...) and put the fidonet - euronet
packages on my system. Then ifmail get that packages, translate which one
is an email and go to the internet, and which one to news, and which one is
a fidonet - euronet address so i don't have to do anything. Then it sends
the emails and the news to internet.

2) email and news comes from internet to my system, then it checks which
user is and which fidonet address it is too (or euronet address, it doesn't
matter here) pack it to fido packages and reconize for which node of my
network it is (so i guess i have to have a nodelist-pointlist somewhere) so
the next bbs that logs in (by ftp) just have to pick their packages and
continue working :)

I don't know if i can do all this with ifmail or i need more programs. If
with ifmail is enough i reaaaaaalllyy thanx you a lot if you may help me :)
if not, please help me with the ifmail configuration and tell me which
other programs i need, because i am becoming crazy :((

Un saludo
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