Problems dialing out

Sat, 1 Mar 1997 21:31:21 +1300

I have installed IFMail v2.8g onto a machine running the Slackware
96 version of Linux.
The problem is in getting it to dial out. After running 'ifcico' it responds with (in messages)

===cut start===
ifcico[1697]: options: Call Hold PUA WaZOO EMSI Freqs Zmodem ZedZap
Janus Hydra Tcp
ifcico[1697]: calling 3:770/220@fidonet (The Last Byte, phone
ifcico[1697]: cannot open "/dev/ttyS2" as stdin
ifcico[1697]: ^Ierrno=22 : Invalid argument
ifcico[1697]: cannot open "/dev/ttyS2" as stdout
ifcico[1697]:^Ierrno=22 : Invalid argument
ifcico[1697]: cannot switch i/o to port "/dev/ttyS2"
ifcico[1697]: no free matching ports
ifcico[1697]: call to 3:770/220@fidonet failed (rc=1)
ifcico[1697]: 0 of 1 calls, maxrc=1
===cut end===

Any suggestions, on how to get it to work?

Fidonet : Andrew Gordon @ 3:770/220.21 (crash-mailable at 64-3-3384103)
FAX/BBS : 64-3-3384103
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