And another bug, minor ?

Tue, 4 Feb 1997 22:28:26 -0300 (GMT+3)

And another bug: ifmail just loves to create smth non-existent:

/179 feeds me his pvt - pvt.home.alone. Someday he writes me - he saw, that
"pvt.home.alove" was autocreated from me. :() The same echo autocreated on

/172 feeds me nothing, but some day he found, that
(and pvt.home.alove) autocreated from me.

And so on.

This is only ifmail errors, 'cause inn newsfeeds is perfect and no such
groups exported. Sure, "pvt.home.alove" is nonexistent.

And the last. Can smb send me configs from ifmail ? I'm completelly tied of
guessing and sourcereading. Ifmail if cool package, but I'm about to leave
fido, because Linux is cool, and I don't have dos, and ifmail seems to work
very bad sometimes..

PS: BTW, OS is RedHat Linux 4.0
PPS: I've installed 2.9 five minutes ago.. Will see..

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