I'm going slightly mad...

Arnoud de Jonge (adejonge@exasoft.nl)
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 23:25:57 +0100

I wan't to use feddi in combination with ifcico, but I can't get ifcico to
dial out. This is my configuration file:

logfile /var/log/ifmail/iflog
debugfile /var/log/ifmail/ifdebug
verbose 0
address 2:280/606.4@fidonet
address 2:281/731.123@fidonet
password 2:280/606 bemyguest
password 2:281/731 iwonttell
myfqdn quack.exasoft.nl
inbound /root/fnet/inbound
listinbound /root/fnet/inbound
protinbound /root/fnet/inbound
outbound /root/fnet/outbound
nodelist /root/fnet/nodelist/nodelist
ModemPort /dev/ttyS1:L19200
PhoneTrans 31-252- /
PhoneTrans 31- / 0
PhoneTrans / 00
ModemReset ATZ0\r
ModemDial ATDT\T\r
ModemHangup ATH\r
ModemOK OK
ModemConnect CONNECT
ModemError BUSY
ModemError NO\sCARRIER
ModemError NO\sDIAL
ModemError RING\r
ModemError ERROR
TimeoutReset 3
TimeoutConnect 70
options (time Any) NoHold
Name Cool Quack! Productions
Location Beinsdorf
SysOp Cool Master Quack!
Phone -=undialable=-
Speed 19200
Flags XA,V32B,V42B

I use this command to dial:

$ ifcico f606.n280.z2

But after I execute this, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

I use Linux 2.0.27 and ifmail 2.8g.

_oo /
/) -) Groeten,
"-"" Arnoud.