Re: Ifcico gets inbound, doesn't send outbound mail (fwd)

Giancarlo Cairella (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 19:27:39 +0100 (MET)

On Sat, 25 Jan 1997, Sergey Babitch wrote:

> I have your like hardware/network configuration.
> EC> Netware FS does not support some functions used by ifcico.
> EC> You can try contact Sergey Babitch <>
> EC> who made some (conceptually incorrect, IMHO) patches

I've downloaded, compiled and installed the 2.8gv version of ifmail but
it still doesn't work. Inbound mail is accepted, outbound mail doesn't
get sent because ifcico complains that it cannot open/truncate the .hlo
files and the mail bundles. But after the session, the .hlo file now are
indeed deleted even if they haven't been sent, so the situation is now worse
than before (the archives fortunately are not deleted, so I can salvage
things by rewriting a .hlo file for them). I'm going back to Ifmail 2.9 now.

I really can't understand what the problem is. Why can't IfMail correctly
handle files that reside on a Netware file server? It's the first
application I've found that has this kind of trouble with nfs files. I've
successfully run all kinds of program with data files written on the
Netware server using ncpfs and the only limitation I had was the 8+3
filename length of Dos filenames.

I need to share my outbound directory between dos clients (BinkleyTerm)
and ifcico under Linux, so I need to have a single outbound accessible by
both worlds. I can't move everything under the unix filesystem because
the files wouldn't be accessible to Binkley anymore: my only solution is
to have them on the netware fileserver, where they can be seen by both
programs. But while Ifcico handles inbound stuff very well (creating temp
dirs and writing incoming files), it can't open file for outbound.
I run Ifcico as root and I'm mounting the Netware volume as root with all
supervisor file privileges.

Can anyone suggest a workaround or at least tell me why IfCico doesn't
manage those files? I really need to do this.

Thanks in advance.

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