Ifcico gets inbound, doesn't send outbound mail (fwd)

Sergey Babitch (vinny@ep.energy.gov.ua)
Sat, 25 Jan 97 02:52:07 +0200

* Original to: vertigo@like.it (16:417/128)

Hi Giancarlo!

19 Jan 97 19:14:42, vertigo@like.it ==> Sergey Babitch:

GC> Hi there. I got your name from Eugene Crosser, author of IfMail,
GC> about a problem I'm having with his software. Can you read below
GC> and tell me if you can help me?

Sorry! I am understand English very bad :-(


GC>> I've installed ifcico on a Linux box connected to a Netware
GC>> server via ncpfs. The inbound and outbound dirs reside on the
GC>> Netware server and are mounted on the Linux filesystem.

I have your like hardware/network configuration.

EC> Netware FS does not support some functions used by ifcico.
EC> You can try contact Sergey Babitch <vinny@ep.energy.gov.ua>
EC> who made some (conceptually incorrect, IMHO) patches

I do not make patches :-(
I do not think that they need no one. Earlier!
Now is lately :-(

EC> to make ifcico work in configuration similar to yours.

Yes. It is. But only my station's sourses:


P.S. Sorry for my English!

Good Luck! Sergey Babitch AKA vinny@ep.energy.gov.ua