Ifcico gets inbound, doesn't send outbound mail

Giancarlo Cairella (vertigo@like.it)
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 21:45:16 +0100 (MET)

I've installed ifcico on a Linux box connected to a Netware server via ncpfs.

The inbound and outbound dirs reside on the Netware server and are
mounted on the Linux filesystem.

Callers can send me mail pkts, but ifcico doesn't send anything to them

1) i get a "cannot open lock file /maildir/outbound/00000002.BSY"
errno=2 no such file or directory


2) I get a "could not link /maildir/outbound/aa124 to
/maildir/outbound/00000002.bsy" errno=1 operation not permitted


3) I get a "cannot unlink file /maildir/outbound/00000002.HLO"
errno=16 device or resource busy

I have full supervisor write/read rights to the dir and files and run
ifcico as root. What else can I check and how do I enable further debug
info? The docs aren't very clear about this.

Thanks in advance.

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