Re: ifmail bug?!

Alexey Naidyonov (
16 Jan 1997 22:08:40 +0300

Marco Gaiarin <> writes:

> I've noticed problem compiling ifmail with gcc 2.7.2* under linux
> (debian 1.2).

From: Christoph Lameter <>
To: "Alexey V. Naidyonov" <>
Subject: Re: libgdbm1-dev

I will look into it but I would recommend using libdb instead of libgdbm.

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Alexey V. Naidyonov wrote:

growler >Hello!
growler >
growler > I'm afraid authors of mainstream gdbm just forgot to add
growler >#idef _NDBM_H_
growler >...
growler >#endif
growler > wrap to ndbm.h. Therefore some sources don't compile (e.g. ifmail).
growler >It'll be a good deal if you fix that.

Christoph Lameter is maintainer of libgdbm1-dev Debian package. BTW, is
anybody going to maintance ifmail.deb? I think, it's a good idea.

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